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Gorgeous pictures from the hike, ethereal acoustic guitar… just relax and enjoy….


There was mooch-o to look at during my trip to LDRS in July (where my beloved SMAUG flew). Here is a slideshow of the other rockets and interesting things going on at LDRS.

Set a ‘personal best’ record at the Cigna 5K. Time: 27:47 which is almost 2 minutes faster than last year. 

Unfortunately, in the last mile of the race, a lady about 20 feet ahead of me tripped on the sidewalk and fell, sliding forward. Another fellow and I came up alongside and helped her up, making sure she was OK. No cuts or anything! She was very lucky, especially that there was some space behind her and no one ran or tripped over her. The onlookers all clapped when she started running again! Good for her!

The heat was worse than last year and many runners had to take short walking breaks to avoid overheating.

It was impressive that the first place runner (Abiyot Warku) ran it in 14:07, but frankly I was more impressed by the folks who were still chuggin’ along, giving it their all, even 45 minutes after the gun fired. They were determined to finish and they did. Hats off to them! That was me not too many years ago. (My first 5k was 43 minutes-ish).

East Africa Charitable Projects Fund

“Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Creative Minority Report

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