A month or so ago, we hiked up Mt. Kearsarge from the Rollins State Park — Only about a 0.25 mile hike (one way). Seeing how well Catherine and Benjamin did, I decided to take them up fro the other side. This hike was up the Winslow trail and down the Barlow trial at Winslow State Park. We completed a total of 2.8 miles and climbed 1,100 ft of elevation. They both did super well! They were little troopers hiking these trails!


6 years ago our little Catherine was born! She continues to enrich our lives every day with her delightful demeanor and  witty thoughts. We had cake and ice cream this night to celebrate   to occasion. She got a cards from Gamma & Gampa and also Auntie Gina. She had a wonderful day!

These are photos from the hike up Mt. Washington. I went with Dave Hahn and his son Lucas. I was supposed to go with Chris, but the Marines called him a week earlier than anticipated.

The hike was awesome! The weather on top was unbelievable: Temps in the low 60s and winds of…. 5 mph??? For the ‘worst weather in the world’ this was Easy Street.



We stayed overnight at the Lake of the Clouds Hut near the summit. Food was awesome! View was phenomenal.

I know you will want the SMAUG flight results: After scrubbing Saturday (rail button problem), I was back out Sunday and flew SMAUG at about 5PM (long wait for the skies to clear). SMAUG punched off the pad, roared to the sky with a long red flame, parachute deployed just on the other side of apogee and it floated gracefully down about 3/4 mile from the launch pad, still on the field. Net result: I succeeded in attaining my Level III certification!     🙂





Better pix and video are coming!

This is my first post to my blog. Not sure how this will work out, but I can thing of several ways to use this blog format in several of my personal activities, so I learn here and share elsewhere.

Happy blogging to me, happy blogging to me…..  🙂

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